Our Leadership                                                   

  1. Our Senior Pastors

     Pastor Randy Cilluffo

  • Our Senior Pastor, Randy Cilluffo, has a tremendous heart and passion for the things of God and the people of God. His life long pursuit is to touch the individuals and families of our community and also around the world with the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.  His love for God is seen in his daily relationship with the Holy Spirit, over 30 years in full time ministry, and the involvement of his children in the ministry. His sermons reflect the grace of God while acting as an inspirational guide to following Jesus and becoming a true disciple of Christ.   Pastor Cathy Cilluffo
  • Our Senior Co-Pastor, Cathy Cilluffo, is an incredible example of a Proverbs 31 woman. Her heart is reflected in the loving and caring environment of our church. She minsters through her dynamic prayer life and strong biblical principles concerning stewardship and Lordship. She and Pastor Randy have also been an incredible example of a strong, biblical marriage currently celebrating over 30 years of faithfulness to God and each other. Her goal is to see people encounter God and develop a life of freedom that only comes from the presence of God.